Painter and Graphic Artist

Born in 1960 in Berlin
1978 - 1983 Studies at the School of Visual Arts Leipzig, class of Graphic Arts and Illustration
1983 Graphics diploma, moved to Mecklenburg
Since then she is freelancing in the fields of painting, graphic design, book illustration, and architecture-shaping and won prizes in illustration and poster competitions.
Since 1990 Member of the Artists Association and Mecklenburg Vorpommern eV in BBK
1995 to 2000 Lecturer at the graphic - design school Anklam
2006 1st Place in the "Portraits Document Involving: Important personalities of the hospital G├╝strow" Scholarship of Antenna MV and ScanHaus Marlow
Numerous exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland

sabine naumann nude sabine naumann women with peacock feather
sabine naumann spring awakening